How to open a pancake?

How to open a pancake?

You want to open a pancake? We offer step by step instructions and tips for its implementation! Start today your business to pancakes!


Russian national cuisine is full of recipes for various dishes.

All of them are dearly loved as Slavs, as well as guests of the former Soviet Union.

One of the most favorite dishes of Russian cuisine will certainly pancakes!

Today's Diary of success will tell you how you can build your business on a pancake snacks! 🙂

Pancakes are so versatile that they can be like a full breakfast and dinner - it all depends on the imagination of the hostess.

Often, people who for whatever reason can not eat homemade food, use the services of cafes and restaurants.

Pancake Cafe is no exception, and always attract a lot of visitors, eager to enjoy the sun cakes with various fillings.

Those who ventured once to open a pancake - remain very pleased with the results.

It is a good idea for anyone who has a small start-up capital and a desire to fill up the family budget.

How to open a pancake? Step-by-step instruction

Open pancakes paperwork

To start any business it is necessary to document, as well as preparing a business plan!

Before tackling the design of the pancake cafe should decide on the form of ownership - it can be a company or entrepreneur.

If problems with the lease or purchase of the premises have already been solved, it is necessary to collect the documentation required by the SEC. By the way, SES puts a lot of conditions on the content of any catering.

Also agree on the opening of the cafe should be and firefighters.

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For those who have some extra money, and has no desire to mess around with the documents can entrust this work to a special agent, who will collect the necessary papers as soon as possible.

Selection of the room to open the pancake house

Choose a room for future cafes should be very responsible, because of its location depend on future earnings.

Most of pancake are ideal for railway stations, public parks, and the bus busy streets, preferably near the entrance into the subway.

Pancakes can be located in a mobile trailer equipped with the necessary equipment and is designed for the simultaneous operation of two people.

And for those who own more resources to opening pancake house , you might consider a stationary cafe with a few tables and a wide assortment list of upcoming courses.

The room for a comfortable stay 15 people must have a minimum area of ​​40 square meters. meters.

Also it would be nice to have a comfortable inexpensive wooden gazebo overlooking the river or the lake!

At least it is original and very romantic! 🙂

Equipment for pancakes

  • The first and most fundamental is the purchase of pancake makers.

    They are the main nurse, so they are not worth saving.

    Most recently in the Russian market appeared machines for making pancakes.

    They give a great performance, and economical to use.

  • Oven, microwave or stove - it all depends on the area of ​​the premises and the proposed menu.
  • A device for grinding fillings.

    This can be a good food processor, in which it will be possible to mix the dough with no problems.

  • Refrigerators and freezers for storage of semifinished products.
  • Dishes and cutlery, which are needed for cooking.
  • Coffee machine and an electric kettle.

Assortment list for pancakes

It is not necessary to save on their advertising at the beginning of the entrepreneurial life.

You can of course at first (as long as no money) and take advantage of free advertising options, which is also very effective!

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If the site chosen by pancake successful, then it's only how delicious the pancakes will and dishes, which incidentally will offer owners a pancake.

Greater emphasis should be put on pancake dough, as well as fillings.

Traditional Russian pancakes are more than 30 kinds of various fillings, so you should offer them as much as possible.

If a sufficiently large pancake rented premises, it is possible to offer visitors and salads and all kinds of cold dishes.

  For young hostesses recommended for viewing video

the recipe of classic Russian pancakes:

We select the staff for the pancake business

Learn the art of baking pancakes can any girl to learn enough for this pancake.

For making pancakes and tea or coffee in a small stall just two people.

If in addition to pancakes will be served and other dishes, it is best to invite to the work of professional chefs.

2-4 people is enough for productive work pancake!

From the foregoing it follows that the process of opening your small business on pancakes - not difficult.

The most important thing is to decide on the first step, and after 6-8 months quietly packed in suitcases very good profit.

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